Dividend Investing

The Safety Net: Can Main Street Lead to Easy Street?

Last week, Joseph commented that he’s a big fan of Main Street Capital Corp. (NYSE: MAIN) because of its business model, high return on equity (ROE), high return on assets (ROA), inside ownership and steady dividends.

But the nagging thought that keeps Joseph up at night…

Is that attractive 6.3% yield safe?

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The Safety Net: An Above-Average Yield… With Risk

Hedge funds have been under pressure for a few months, ever since CalPERS, the retirement plan for California government employees, said it was pulling $4 billion from hedge funds, including Och-Ziff Capital Management Group (NYSE: OZM).

That is perhaps why Dudley H. asked me to take a look at Och-Ziff’s dividend safety, as he is concerned it is unsustainable.

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Bond Investing

Three Gross Mistakes

Way back when – I jokingly call it the period in my life when dead wasn’t forever – I used to fly helos and fixed-wing aircraft for the Navy.

Now, naval aviation is not in and of itself a dangerous profession. But it is horribly unforgiving if you screw up. I know the media makes it look like every flight is death defying, but it isn’t, not if you stick to the tried and true procedures.

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What Bond Market Bubble?

The predictions of a bond market bubble and/or the collapse of the bond market have been nonstop since interest rates started to drop after the stock market collapse in 2008.

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Retirement Investing

Two Very Different Retirement Scenarios

When it comes to retirement planning for myself, I like to use the same worst-case scenarios I did when I was flight planning during my flying days.

The first and most essential aspect in flight planning – the one you can never ever screw up – is fuel planning. As the saying goes, there are no gas stations in the sky.

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In the Future, Healthcare Will Be Reserved for the Rich

When my mother had a medical issue a few months ago, she didn’t even bother calling her doctor. She just showed up. Luckily, the front office staff was competent, took one look at her and got her in to see the doctor right away.

It paints a picture of a growing problem in the United States.

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