Dividend Investing

The Safety Net: I Hate Giving This Stock Such a Low Rating

Occasionally, I receive a request to analyze the dividend safety of a company and I don’t even have to do any research to give it a rating.

One company whose rating I virtually knew before looking at a single financial statement was KKR & Co. (NYSE: KKR), formerly known as Kolhberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Thanks to Larry W. for the suggestion.

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The Safety Net: There’s Nothing “Super” About This SuperDividend ETF

That’s the basis for the Safety Net column – to analyze how likely a company is to continue to pay its dividend. For investors relying on dividends for income, it’s an important issue.

I usually don’t take a look at ETFs, but Frank’s suggestion that I analyze Global X SuperDividend ETF (NYSE: SDIV) intrigued me because it pays a 5.8% dividend yield.

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Bond Investing

Why I’m Praying for Bad News

Below are two bond recommendations I made on March 24, 2009, right after the last huge sell-off in the markets.

I know if you follow bonds, these numbers seem like complete bunk for A- and AA- rated companies, but, I swear, these were actual recommendations.

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Triple Your Expected Return

Doing something as simple as focusing on the fundamentals of a corporate bond rather than its interest rate will return three and four times what the average income investor is earning.

But virtually no one does it.

That’s too bad, because the same average income investor has starved for yield for more than six years.

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Retirement Investing

You Must Invest

If you have kept your cash on the sidelines these past few years out of fear of another downturn like we experienced in 2008, how much money did you not make?

Of course, no one had the foresight to buy at the bottom.

But what if you just never sold at all? Or didn’t even worry about where the market was headed?

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Avoiding the Retirement Crisis

There’s a retirement crisis in this country.

And we need to act quickly if we want to spend our golden years on the golf course instead of behind a desk. About a year ago, I contemplated this problem and worked on various ways to beat this.

My goal was to create a “Set It and Forget It” portfolio that would continue to build over time. The more time it had to run – using the magical power of compounding – the better the end result would be.

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Stock Market Volatility

Management Is Everything

In your work life, I suspect the best (and probably the most lucrative) jobs you’ve had were at companies run by an effective and dynamic manager.

And chances are your investments that were backed by strong management teams outperformed those that weren’t.

When I speak with institutional investors, the most successful ones usually focus on management.

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Listen to Mama When It Comes to Investing

“Don’t touch it, you’ll get it infected!” How many times did you hear that from your mother growing up? Heck, you’ve probably said it a few times to your own kids if you have any.

Turns out mom wasn’t just right about healthcare. Likely unbeknownst to her, she was giving sage financial advice.

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