Dividend Investing

A Low-Tech Fix for a Huge and Growing Problem

If we didn’t already have enough ways to ruin our chances for a decent retirement, new research points to even more subtle ways we allow our feelings, beliefs and sentiments to blow any chances of getting from here to there.

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Warning Signs Your Dividend May Be Cut

If an investor had to determine dividend safety using just one metric, it should be the payout ratio based on cash flow.

Notice that I said cash flow, not earnings. This is an important difference, and I’ll show you how understanding it could keep you from being misled into thinking a dividend is safe.

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Bond Investing

Three Gross Mistakes

Way back when – I jokingly call it the period in my life when dead wasn’t forever – I used to fly helos and fixed-wing aircraft for the Navy.

Now, naval aviation is not in and of itself a dangerous profession. But it is horribly unforgiving if you screw up. I know the media makes it look like every flight is death defying, but it isn’t, not if you stick to the tried and true procedures.

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What Bond Market Bubble?

The predictions of a bond market bubble and/or the collapse of the bond market have been nonstop since interest rates started to drop after the stock market collapse in 2008.

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Retirement Investing

The One Factor That’s More Important Than Your Annual Return

It’s true that the longer you have to invest, the more risk you can take. But what also is true – and what most investors are never told – is that the longer you have to invest, the more conservative you can be and still get rich.

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Two Things You MUST Do to Protect Your Wealth

My wife and I never argue about money…Well, almost never. The one thing we disagree on is insurance.

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