Dividend Investing

The Safety Net: A 26% Yield? No Thanks

“It’s going down. I’m yelling timber.” – Kesha

This week, I’m taking a question from longtime reader, first-time stock submitter Martin, who wants to know about the dividend safety of SandRidge Mississippian Trust I (NYSE: SDT).

It pays a sky-high yield of 26%. In January, shareholders received $0.50 per share. The stock currently trades below $8.

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Can You Beat the Market With Toilet Paper?

There are some things that are never going to go away… At least not for the foreseeable future.

Take toilet paper, for example.

Can any one of us think about an up-and-coming innovation that’s going to replace toilet paper?

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Bond Investing

A Bloody Bargain

In this market, I won’t consider any stock unless it is a screaming bargain. I’m a bond guy. I’ve proven that it’s possible to beat the markets and not lose the safety of bonds.

So, I should really say, if there isn’t blood flowing under the doors in the executive suite of a company because a stock has been beaten up so badly, as far as I am concerned it’s overpriced.

But there is always an industry, sometimes an entire sector, that is in “blood under the door” mode. I’ll show you what I mean in just a moment.

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The Hidden Treasures of So-Called “Junk” Bonds

It’s time to set the record straight about bonds, specifically high-yield bonds.

Since the bad ol’ days in the 1980s, when Michael Milken and his cronies at DLJ ruined the reputation of high-yield bonds – that’s where the term “junk bonds” came from – they have been the whipping boy of the industry.

Ask any stock broker and he will tell you these bonds are high risk and to avoid them.

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Retirement Investing

Most Investors Are Dead Wrong

Last week, I had the same argument with two different people. It’s one I’ve had many times before.

“It’s not a good time to invest,” they said. “There’s too much strife in the world. Look at what’s going on in Ukraine.” Because of the problems in Russia, Syria and any other hot spot, stocks should surely go down.

Except they haven’t.

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Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Financially Illiterate

Most of us couldn’t imagine not helping our kids learn how to read. And when they have a tough math problem, we do our best to help them. Reading and math are two critical skills for success in life.

Yet many people completely ignore a skill set that will be just as important if not more so than reading and math – financial literacy.

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Stock Market Volatility

Getting Defensive

The developing Russian invasion in the Ukraine has investors on edge.

The markets were in damage control this morning… Crude moved higher… Gold popped… U.S. Treasury yields inched up…

Asian and European markets were hammered overnight.

The Hang Seng fell 1.5%. The Nikkei fell 1.27%. In Europe, the DAX dropped 3%, while the Euro STOXX 600 dipped 1.9%. But Russian stocks and bonds were hit the hardest.

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My Top Three Predictions for 2014

Every year at this time, pundits make their annual predictions. At The Oxford Club, we don’t pretend to have a crystal ball. As I often say, anyone who tells you they know where the market is going is either lying to you or to themselves.

That being said, it’s natural for people to ask about our outlooks for the coming year.

When I wrote my 2013 outlook a year ago, I mentioned that dividend stocks were hot and they were likely to stay that way.

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