Dividend Investing

The Safety Net: A Safe Dividend That Goes Against Conventional Wisdom

This week’s Safety Net has me in a conundrum.

Typically, when I examine a stock for dividend safety, I look at the financials, take the company’s track record of paying dividends into account and assign a rating.

However, while today’s company’s financials suggest that the dividend is unsustainable, it has a fantastic track record of paying dividends and raising them.

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The Safety Net: A Safe 12% Yield on the Most Popular Safety Net Stock

Without a doubt, the most requested stock for the Safety Net each week is Prospect Capital Corp. (Nasdaq: PSEC). I covered the stock six months ago, but since so many people want an update, let’s see if anything has changed.

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Bond Investing

Three Gross Mistakes

Way back when – I jokingly call it the period in my life when dead wasn’t forever – I used to fly helos and fixed-wing aircraft for the Navy.

Now, naval aviation is not in and of itself a dangerous profession. But it is horribly unforgiving if you screw up. I know the media makes it look like every flight is death defying, but it isn’t, not if you stick to the tried and true procedures.

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What Bond Market Bubble?

The predictions of a bond market bubble and/or the collapse of the bond market have been nonstop since interest rates started to drop after the stock market collapse in 2008.

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Retirement Investing

Three Steps to Set Your Kids up for Life

I grew up middle class in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. As a result, most of my friends’ families had more money than mine and my friends had more “stuff” than I did.

Don’t pull out your violins. There’s no pity party here. I’m glad I grew up that way. I worked from the time I was 10 years old, shoveling snow off driveways in the winter. And as soon as I was old enough to get a job that was “on the books,” I did.

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Yes, Money Can Buy Happiness

You’ve heard the expression that money can’t buy happiness. That’s a load of bull. Money can definitely buy happiness. I see it all the time.

I’m not talking about big houses, fancy cars or giant TVs. In fact, I’m not talking about anything material.

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Stock Market Volatility

You May Not Have What It Takes to Be a Profitable Investor

Everyone wants to be contrarian. It’s kind of a cool thing to be. It’s outside the box. You think for yourself. It’s very individualist.

But the fact is it’s hard to be one. Very hard.

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The End of Times Is Here… So It’s Time to Buy

The moon was being devoured by a shadow as my wife and I stood on our deck on a brisk morning outside of Baltimore, Maryland, a couple of weeks ago.

It was early… even the rooster that lives on the farm down the road from us wasn’t up and crowing.

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