Dividend Investing

An 8% Yield With an “A” Rating… For Now

Last week, I spoke at the Sprott Vancouver Natural Resources Symposium. So it makes sense that I still have natural resources on the brain.

As a result, this week I’m taking a look at the dividend safety of Vanguard Natural Resources (NYSE: VNR) as suggested by Antonio.

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The Safety Net: An A-Rated Dividend That’s Doubling Every Three Years

Every January, I attend the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. It is the most important healthcare investing conference of the year and a very tough ticket to get. I go with my eyes and ears open, searching for great, undiscovered small cap biotech stocks as well as listening to the presentations of the dividend-paying, big pharmaceutical companies.

For the past few years, one company that has impressed me is CVS Caremark (NYSE: CVS).

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Bond Investing

Triple Your Expected Return

Doing something as simple as focusing on the fundamentals of a corporate bond rather than its interest rate will return three and four times what the average income investor is earning.

But virtually no one does it.

That’s too bad, because the same average income investor has starved for yield for more than six years.

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Cash Giveaway: 66% More Than Expected

From its glory days in the early 2000s, Advanced Micro Devices has dropped from more than $40 to about $4.40 a share.

So how does a company dealing with such horrible market conditions pay its bondholders 66% more than it has to?

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Retirement Investing

You Must Invest

If you have kept your cash on the sidelines these past few years out of fear of another downturn like we experienced in 2008, how much money did you not make?

Of course, no one had the foresight to buy at the bottom.

But what if you just never sold at all? Or didn’t even worry about where the market was headed?

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Avoiding the Retirement Crisis

There’s a retirement crisis in this country.

And we need to act quickly if we want to spend our golden years on the golf course instead of behind a desk. About a year ago, I contemplated this problem and worked on various ways to beat this.

My goal was to create a “Set It and Forget It” portfolio that would continue to build over time. The more time it had to run – using the magical power of compounding – the better the end result would be.

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Stock Market Volatility

Here’s What the Market Is Going to Do Next

Last week, at an investing conference in Quebec, Canada, I was asked where I thought the market was going.

I said that I expect the bull market to continue until the Fed suggests that interest rates will rise in the near future. In other words, as long as the Fed keeps bringing out punch, investors should continue to fill up their cups.

However, that was just a small part of my answer.

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Two Startling Statistics

Last week, I wrote an article for our sister publication Investment U on why I don’t like share buybacks. On Friday, Alexander Green, The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, took the opposite side of the argument.

One of the main reasons I don’t like most stock buybacks is that management teams tend to make the same mistakes as everyday investors.

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