Dividend Investing

The Safety Net: A 21% Yield… But You Won’t Get Paid

When Wealthy Retirement reader Jack asked me to take a look at Intersections Inc. (Nasdaq: INTX), a microcap identity fraud security company, I nearly fell out of my chair when the yield was stated at 21%.

Historically, the company paid a quarterly dividend of $0.20 per share. With the stock trading below $4, that $0.80 per year is impressive.

But it’s a mirage.

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The Safety Net: This Oil Giant Just Lost Its “A” Rating

One year ago, I declared that Chevron’s (NYSE: CVX) dividend safety rating was an “A.” Although I qualified it by saying that, due to the company’s likely temporary negative free cash flow, it was on watch.

Wealthy Retirement reader Lois asked me to take another look, so let’s see what’s happened over the past year.

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Bond Investing

Three Gross Mistakes

Way back when – I jokingly call it the period in my life when dead wasn’t forever – I used to fly helos and fixed-wing aircraft for the Navy.

Now, naval aviation is not in and of itself a dangerous profession. But it is horribly unforgiving if you screw up. I know the media makes it look like every flight is death defying, but it isn’t, not if you stick to the tried and true procedures.

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What Bond Market Bubble?

The predictions of a bond market bubble and/or the collapse of the bond market have been nonstop since interest rates started to drop after the stock market collapse in 2008.

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Retirement Investing

Three Steps to Set Your Kids up for Life

I grew up middle class in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. As a result, most of my friends’ families had more money than mine and my friends had more “stuff” than I did.

Don’t pull out your violins. There’s no pity party here. I’m glad I grew up that way. I worked from the time I was 10 years old, shoveling snow off driveways in the winter. And as soon as I was old enough to get a job that was “on the books,” I did.

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Yes, Money Can Buy Happiness

You’ve heard the expression that money can’t buy happiness. That’s a load of bull. Money can definitely buy happiness. I see it all the time.

I’m not talking about big houses, fancy cars or giant TVs. In fact, I’m not talking about anything material.

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Stock Market Volatility

The End of Times Is Here… So It’s Time to Buy

The moon was being devoured by a shadow as my wife and I stood on our deck on a brisk morning outside of Baltimore, Maryland, a couple of weeks ago.

It was early… even the rooster that lives on the farm down the road from us wasn’t up and crowing.

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Management Is Everything

In your work life, I suspect the best (and probably the most lucrative) jobs you’ve had were at companies run by an effective and dynamic manager.

And chances are your investments that were backed by strong management teams outperformed those that weren’t.

When I speak with institutional investors, the most successful ones usually focus on management.

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