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SafetyNet Pro – Grade Guide

Welcome to SafetyNet Pro! This incredible tool gives you access to real-time grades on the performance of a stock’s dividend.

Simply plug in the company name or ticker symbol in the fields below, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard, and voila! The grade of that stock’s dividend is at your disposal.

You can also browse for stocks by yield, market cap, industry and by the dividend’s current safety grade. Search for as many grades at a time as you’d like.

The Grade Guide to the right shows you what each grade means — whether the dividend is in danger of being cut, or not at all. Hover over the grade for any stock that appears in the interactive browser to get the same information.

The SafetyNet Pro Monthly Update provides an in-depth breakdown of the world of dividends and income investing, and a precise look at some of the sectors biggest threats and opportunities.