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It was eye-opening…

I realized just how wrong most investors were in handling their portfolios.

The overnight millions made during the dot-com boom dramatically changed the behavior of investors. They were no longer investing smartly. They were no longer investing the way I was taught to invest – the way I was taught to view the markets.

They were chasing pipe dreams full of promises of instant wealth.

It’s frightening to think about, particularly when we look back at the carnage.

More than $7 trillion in market capitalization was lost when the dot-com bubble burst. Millions of investors were left scratching their heads, panicking and wondering if their portfolios would ever recover.

I thought that maybe they’d learned a lesson.

But then they fell for it again. They chased the promises of real estate and got wrapped up in the idea of a never-ending bull market in the middle of the decade.

And again they were pummeled during the financial crisis that began in 2008.

Here’s the scariest part: Most investors aren’t prepared for retirement. Not by a long shot.

Today, you need to start planning for your future at a younger age. Because the fact is that we’re living longer than ever before.

So you have two choices: Work well into your 70s… or create a longer-lasting portfolio. We need to strengthen our portfolios because it’s estimated that, as we live longer, our retirements will last for up to 40 years!

We’re on a mission here – to teach investors how to prepare for their futures by investing the right way. We share the secrets used by the wealthy to lock in steady income on investments you won’t find anywhere else. And we strive to show investors how to shield their assets from attack, as well as get the most from their money and retirements.

Since we began our mission several years ago, we’ve outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin… But we’re just getting started.

And before you start thinking that our dividend or income investing strategies are full of lame advice like, “Buy Walmart and Coca-Cola,” think again.

Wealthy Retirement is your launch pad for unique income-investing ideas to fund your lifestyle and put away a little something extra. It’s for investors of all ages, because we believe that a lot of what you’re taught is wrong.

So, here at Wealthy Retirement, you’ll be exposed to income-generating strategies you won’t find at any other investing publication. And you’ll also receive valuable lessons on how to maximize your gains while minimizing your risk.

Don’t make the mistakes so many investors are making. Realize why what they’re doing is wrong – and why they’re going to pay for it in the long run.

Marc Lichtenfeld
Chief Income Strategist
The Oxford Club