Profit From Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Pledge to Rebuild America

Steve McDonald By Steve McDonald, Bond Strategist, The Oxford Club



I don’t usually make investment recommendations in my Two-Minute Retirement Solution segments.

Instead, I’ve always provided you with useful tips you can apply to live a richer, happier, healthier retirement… practical ideas rather than just stock picks.

But right now, there’s an investment opportunity developing with so much return potential that I’m breaking this tradition and sharing it here with you today.

It’s rooted in Trump’s trillion-dollar infrastructure plan.

Those of you who drive on America’s roads and bridges know they’ve needed repairs for years. If you fly often, you’re aware that many of our airports haven’t seen any repairs or improvements in decades.

And if you’ve had to boil your water due to contamination from sewage spills, I certainly don’t have to tell you how bad things have gotten.

This chart from the American Society of Civil Engineers says it all…

The total required to fix all the problems: $3.6 trillion. And that’s just what’s required in the next three years.

Such a large amount of money invested during such a small amount of time will be staggering. And that alone makes infrastructure something every investor should be thinking about.

But that’s not the primary reason I’m recommending infrastructure opportunities for us baby boomers…

I’m encouraging you to focus on this area because repairs and improvements have to be made – one way or another.

I don’t mean that “it’d be nice” if these projects were prioritized, or that the necessary infrastructure repairs “will probably be done.”

These are projects that have to be done. And Trump’s set to get the ball rolling.

If the roads and the traffic congestion get any worse, it’ll have a significant negative impact on our economy.

But it’s not just roads, bridges and tunnels. Our unseen infrastructure – pipes, sewers, water mains – is also deteriorating. And it needs immediate attention too.

It’s gotten so bad that we’re seeing about 250,000 breaks in our water supply system and 75,000 sewage overflows every year.

If something isn’t done, the EPA says we’ll be required to boil our water more often and that we’ll experience more outages and low-pressure periods.

Think about that for a minute… Being required to boil our drinking water – here in the “U.S. of A”! Can you imagine?

Our country’s airports are already way behind the rest of the world in terms of design and efficiency. Been in any security lines lately?

The majority of U.S. airports lack new technology and aren’t equipped to handle today’s large and modern planes.

If you drove or took a train anywhere this holiday season, you know how congested our highways and railways are.

Big improvements have to happen.

The words “have to” don’t show up very often in the investment world. But that’s what makes this opportunity so critical right now.

In fact, it’s unfolding so quickly that Marc Lichtenfeld has decided to host a live webinar on January 19, and I want you to tune in to it. (Details below.)

He’ll be covering the new Trump administration’s top infrastructure initiatives and the huge investment opportunities emerging within Trump’s first 100 days in the White House.

The event is 100% free for Wealthy Retirement readers. And frankly, attendance should be mandatory.

In my opinion, we’re about to see some of the best and most secure investment opportunities of our lifetimes unfold. Get the details below, and make sure to tune in.

As always, thank you for being a part of Wealthy Retirement, and I’ll see you next week.

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