The One Issue Democrats Can Work With Trump On

Steve McDonald By Steve McDonald
Bond Strategist, The Oxford Club



I’m back on the infrastructure theme this week, but in today’s Two-Minute Retirement Solution, I’m taking it to a different level.

I still think that the billions, if not trillions, earmarked for infrastructure spending offer one of the best investment opportunities that we – the “more security and safety” focused demographic – have seen in many years.

From a political perspective, it could hold the key to success – or failure – for Trump’s new administration.

And for us, it could represent the key to success in retirement…

Infrastructure spending is one of Trump’s top priorities. But it’s also where he has his best chance of gaining bipartisan support during his first 100 days in office.

The potential to kick off his presidency with a cooperative effort might be more important than anything else he manages to accomplish in his first 100 days, especially for retired folks. Here’s why…

For most people, retirement will be the first time they’re partially or totally dependent on the government for everything – from income (Social Security) to medical care (Medicare).

And to say that the system is “a bit of a mess” and that it “needs attention from our lawmakers” is a huge understatement.

You know all the facts and the numbers…

  • The Social Security trust fund is due to run dry by 2032.
  • Our benefits will be cut by 20% if major changes aren’t enacted.
  • Medicare is bankrupt and overrun by mismanagement and fraud.

And unfortunately, our children and grandchildren face an even more uncertain retirement picture.

All of these problems have existed for some time now, yet they’ve worsened because no real solutions have been offered by either party.

Instead, it’s political bickering, partisanship and more dysfunctional government!

Our dysfunctional government seems to be more focused on the success of its two big political parties (and the careers of those parties’ members and leaders) than on the security and well-being of its citizens.

Are Trump’s tax reform plans, proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act, and steps toward financial and healthcare deregulation also important? You bet your life.

I’ve been praying for these kinds of changes for years.

But without achieving bipartisan success early in his administration – a win both parties can lay claim to – we’ll be dead in the water and still facing the same problems down the road that get worse every year.

And right now, infrastructure will be Trump’s biggest and best opportunity for bipartisan success.

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