Seniors Say “Yes” to Getting High

Steve McDonald By Steve McDonald, Bond Strategist, The Oxford Club

Slap In The Face Award


My neighborhood has a wonderful Thursday tradition. Every other Thursday, someone hosts a get-together, but the host provides only the house or patio. The guests bring everything.

It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, but it’s changing… It isn’t petering out. The crowds get larger every week.

But what people are talking about at these get-togethers is changing.

And it’s all about pot. Yup, weed!

At a recent get-together, the talk was all about legalized pot in Florida. Medical marijuana passed in November’s election, and most believe it is a stepping stone to decriminalization.

And just about every person was looking forward to it.

Now, I know virtually every person our age and older (and younger) has tried pot.

I’m not stupid about the topic.

But what’s hard for me to get my head around isn’t pot or even legal pot.

It’s that the members of our Thursday group are all over 60. We all have families. We all have done our best to make sure our kids didn’t get involved in drugs.

But almost every person at the most recent party said that they smoke dope and want it to be legal.

And it isn’t just my neighborhood. Pot use among people over 50 is on the rise nationally.

And 47% of parents who report that they smoke pot say they smoke it with their kids.

It’s supposed to “bring them together.”

Both of my parents are gone, but really? Could you see yourself getting high with your dad and mom?

I know people who went to jail and lost their jobs and careers over pot. And in the saddest cases, they went on to harder drugs.

So in the twilight of our lives, we’re supposed to just say “yes” to getting high?

Believe me, there was no hesitation for my neighbors when it came to saying “yes.”

This is almost too funny – or weird – to believe. Don’t get Grandpa a tie for Christmas. Get him a bong!

Too funny.

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