A Wealthy Retirement Special Report:

Six Blue-Chip Bonds: the Leg Up on Stockholders

In the world of investing, stocks are sexy and bonds are boring.

But don’t let the boring label trick you.

The global bond market is almost twice the size of the global stock market. So boring is not just big business; it’s huge!

The insiders know that the real money is in bonds. They don’t want you to know this secret. But today, I’m going to level the playing field.

I’m giving away my research - and the top six blue-chip bonds - 100% free. I’m tired of “elite” investors having the leg up. So today, it’s your turn to step up and collect big, safe income.

Buying stocks is sexy, no doubt. When was the last time you heard a friend bragging about his bond portfolio? It’s rare, but those are the people you want to surround yourself with.

Bonds allow you to collect a steady stream of income, plus the full initial investment back at maturity. Holding a bond to maturity is the cure for stock market volatility.

The bond market is tried and true. That’s why it dwarfs the stock market. But don’t just rush into buying any bond. Bonds come with risk just like any other investment. That’s why it’s crucial to buy the right ones.

This is where our income system comes into play. The system is designed for wealth seekers. It puts you in the driver’s seat and ahead of the income game regardless of what mainstream investments deliver.

Our proprietary system analyzed more than 300,000 publically traded bonds and removed any with high risk and low reward. What’s left is just over 100 bonds that met the system’s requirements. Our research analysts then hand-selected the top six.

Now, before we hand you these top six blue-chip bonds, let’s look at why owning bonds is necessary for a balanced portfolio.

Become Your Own Bank

Have you ever been jealous of the financial industry’s business model? Banks take depositors’ money and lend it out to other people with interest. It’s your money they’re lending out and profiting from!

Well, the great news about bond investing is that you can become your own bank. You can lend out money to someone else (companies or governments) and earn interest in return, just like a bank.

Let’s break it down...

A bond is a debt investment. Bond investors loan money to a business for a set amount of time at a fixed interest rate. This provides a reliable stream of income.

A coupon is the interest payment that is usually paid two times a year. And at the end of the bond’s life, the full face value (usually $1,000), is paid back. Buyers know every cash payment before they make their purchase. This lets them plan around them. That’s why the bond market is much larger than the stock market.

Bond holders also have higher claims on a company’s assets. If a company goes into bankruptcy, the bondholders get money back before shareholders.

When held to maturity, bonds are also less volatile. Stocks zig and zag all over the place. But with bonds held to maturity, you receive the full face value back. The sale price doesn’t depend on selling them to other investors. The face value is already set in stone.

Bonds have many benefits over stocks. And they should play a part in everyone’s investment portfolios.

That’s why we built a system to find the top bonds. Our analysts then hand-selected the top six safe bonds for a wealthy retirement... which you’ll find listed below.

Six Blue-Chip Bonds

To find the bonds below, use their CUSIP codes. Think of a CUSIP as a bond’s ticker symbol. You will need it to help locate the bond in your brokerage account.

Apple Inc. (CUSIP: lw2995352)

Maturity: 6/22/2046

Apple is the world’s largest company. Its main product, the iPhone, is sold around the globe. In 2016, it sold more than 210 million. Apple’s products have a loyal following, and iPhones only make up roughly 60% of its sales. The rest come from iPads, Macs and other products and services.

Apple is well-managed and financially sound. The company has $246 billion in cash and marketable securities. This makes its bonds extremely safe. This Apple bond has a coupon of 4.15% and a yield to maturity of 4.3%. That’s a hard yield to pass up with “safe” government bonds paying substantially less.

Microsoft Corp. (CUSIP: 594918bm5)

Maturity: 11/3/2055

Microsoft is a diversified technology company that operates in more than 190 countries. The business was founded in 1975; and today, it develops, licenses and supports a wide range of software products.

Microsoft’s 2016 profit topped $16 billion. That’s up 37.8% from $12 billion in 2015. Microsoft keeps cash flowing with a thick profit margin of 20%, which makes its bonds safe. The 4.75% coupon will keep being paid. And the current yield to maturity is 4.4%.

This Microsoft bond is a steal compared to government bonds. Microsoft is one of a handful of companies that has a higher credit rating than the U.S. government.

Amazon Inc. (CUSIP: 023135aq9)

Maturity: 12/5/2044

Amazon is dominating online sales as it takes the place of physical retailers. Its supply chain is massive and efficient. But Amazon doesn’t stop there. It provides cloud services and many other products, with innovation that’s pushing its revenue higher.

Its net sales were up more than 27% to $136 billion in 2016. That’s huge growth for an already large business. Projected growth is a great sign for its bond holders, and this Amazon bond has a big 4.95% coupon and a 4.1% yield to maturity. It’s a great way to grab a piece of the growing online market.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (CUSIP: 084670bk3)

Maturity: 2/11/2043

Berkshire Hathaway is managed by one of the world’s best businessmen, Warren Buffett. The company holds businesses ranging from candy makers to railroad companies. Buffett has stuffed it with undervalued businesses that provide steady and safe cash flows.

Berkshire Hathaway’s bonds will be paid in full. Its 4.5% coupon is safe, and the yield to maturity is 4.1%. This bond is backed by Buffett’s world-renowned holding company. It doesn’t get much safer than that.

Exxon Mobil Corp. (CUSIP: 30231gaw2)

Maturity: 3/1/2046

Exxon is the world’s top publicly traded energy company. The big benefit for energy companies is their steady cash flow, and even with low oil prices, Exxon pumps out cash. It’s paid normal shareholders dividends for more than 20 consecutive years. This bodes well for its bond holders.

This Exxon bond has a 4.114% coupon and a yield to maturity of 4.0%. Millions of investors rely on the company for its steady cash flow. Its bonds are already safe, and an increase in energy prices will make them that much safer.

Johnson & Johnson (CUSIP: 478160ba1)

Maturity: 5/15/2046

Johnson & Johnson is a household name. The company’s products are found everywhere. It sells soap, mouthwash, Band-Aids, Tylenol and hundreds of other items. And no matter what the markets do, Johnson & Johnson will keep selling them.

The company has a boatload of cash on hand compared to its competitors - over $42 billion - with total debt of $27 billion. That makes its bonds safe, including this one with its 4.85% coupon and 3.9% yield to maturity. Johnson & Johnson also has a better credit rating than the U.S. government. That’s rare.

The Cure for Stock Market Volatility

These six blue-chip bonds are almost guaranteed to keep paying their owners. And if negative interest rates branch out into the U.S., they’ll see their prices shoot up.

We believe that the right bonds are the cure for stock market fear and volatility. While other investors bite their nails worrying what the market will do days, weeks or months from now, you can sit back and collect your dividends with little worry - except what you’re going to do with all this income (a problem anyone would like to have).

The six blue-chip bonds mentioned above have an average coupon of 4.55%. And if you reinvest their payments, your yield will climb.

Remember: These are not short-term picks. They are long-term holds, and all of them should be able to maintain high payments over the long haul.

Good investing,

Brian Kehm
Research Associate
The Oxford Club


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